DC synth-pop trio, Loi Loi, have returned with a brand new single, titled "Surge." The track was premiered exclusively with Gli...

DC synth-pop trio, Loi Loi, have returned with a brand new single, titled "Surge." The track was premiered exclusively with Glide Magazine, who calls the track "...a divine synth-pop track reflecting daringly with the creative ambitions of Grimes and Lorde." This is Loi Loi's first track since the release of their recently released LP Me Dystopia which was released earlier this year.

Kristie Di Lascio elaborates on the trio's new single below:
"Surge is a first post-album release track of ours.  It's the feeling one gets before a life-altering experience, a last-ditch release of energy.  After you release an album there's that temptation to look away from it, to stop creating, to let all things fossilize out.  I was determined not to let that happen, hence the urgency of "Surge's" choral structure and lyrics and dance rhythms."

Tap into the new single up top and stay tuned for more exciting news from Loi Loi!

Washington, D.C. electronic synth-pop trio Loi Loi weave trundling post-punk with new-wave sneer and a touch of coldwave trap, coupled with incisive, borderline accusatory lyrics painting a world in the midst of a long, sweltering summer.

Loi Loi was born into being four years ago in China, where lead singer and composer Kristie Di Lascio was living.  From her time there with the Peace Corps, to living an anonymous expat existence in Spain, Italy, Singapore, and Malaysia, Di Lascio has brought her art to three different continents under the guise of Loi Loi (her original Cantonese Chinese surname.)  Now a trio with the addition of Ron Storhaug on trumpet, flugelhorn, and synths, (formerly of Lightfoot), and Maryjo Mattea on bass, Loi Loi continues to hone an eclectic blend of industrial, R&B, electronic, and soul as part of the new industrial label BLIGHT.Records.

While Loi Loi’s inaugural EP, Viva La Vulva (2017, BLIGHT.Records) chronicled Kristie's hardship of transitioning back to her home in the United States, Loi Loi's full length LP Me Dystopia tracks personal and emotional post-2016 confusion: identity obliteration, a failed partnership, and loyalty to one's intrinsic and unabashed self, at whatever cost. Week in Pop called the album "a soundtrack that pairs today's toxic times and fractured states of a despair with a counterweight of constructive pro-activity with an apt title."  Washington City Post in comparing the two albums noted that Me Dystopia is "an album much darker and more interesting than Viva La Vulva...electronic music with an acoustic heart and soul. The vocal harmonies on Me Dystopia are far more complex than they were on Viva La Vulva, and help to create a compelling listening experience."

Recorded at BLIGHT Studios in D.C., the album was co-produced by Di Lascio and Benjamin Schurr (BLIGHT.Records). The record features performances by Schurr (bass, bass synth, and mellotron), Johnny Fantastic (Stronger Sex) on drum synth, Madeline Billheimer (Luna Honey) on baritone saxophone, Pedram Rahmatabadi on guitar, and David Klinger (Forgetter, Frau Eva) on trumpet. Matthew Dowling (SWOLL, The Effects) provided stacked harmonies and bass, and Andee Blacksugar (KMFDM, Peter Murphy) sculpted a “hidden” raucous remix of electronic dance track "Don't Know".

During the process of creating Me Dystopia, Di Lascio strived to write lyrics that were true to herself as a way of breaking free from old and new circumstances. “I work actively to avoid living in a stasis of memories” explains Di Lascio, “but for the intent of making this record I allowed myself to narrate these underlying fears, doubts, and, finally, truths of how I actually view life, sans apologies and apart from daylight roles.  And yes, I do live in my own dystopia and each track is a bunker in that hive. I don't have answers other than, I'm willing to try.”


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