Moontwin's 'Brakes' is your new favorite song

Moontwin is a collaboration between singer-songwriter  Melanie Garside  AKA  Maple Bee  and XRaydio founder Zac Kuzmanov . ‘Brake...

Moontwin is a collaboration between singer-songwriter Melanie Garside AKA Maple Bee and XRaydio founder Zac Kuzmanov.

‘Brakes’ is the latest track as part of “an arsenal of great material they’re metering out to us” (The Grey Lantern) following the release of the singles ‘Nothing Is Good For Me’ ‘Never In The Same Worlds’, ‘The Storm’, ‘Lose You’, ‘Your Sun’, ‘Don’t Worry Bout Me’ and ‘Butterfly’.

Melanie and Zac collided in a virtual space somewhere between Bulgaria and London.  Distant old friends with a common history, the pair began to reacquaint and soon found themselves spinning threads of musical ideas. They write and record their music and film their videos using videophones as their portal, all while being over 1700 miles apart.

They describe ‘Brakes’ as “... an ode to surviving mundanity and trying to keep moving forward when your life feels like it’s going around in circles.”


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