Amycanbe's 'White Slide EP' packs a punch

Italian Dream-pop quartet Amycanbe have released their upcoming EP, White Slide via Open Productions . Amycanbe have been creating and...

Italian Dream-pop quartet Amycanbe have released their upcoming EP, White Slide via Open Productions. Amycanbe have been creating and releasing music since 2002 on a regular basis. Their  2011 album, Mountain Whales was mixed by Mark Plati (David Bowie, Prince, Robbie Williams, The Cure) who also features on their brand new EP.

Born and based in Cervia, Italy, Amycanbe was formed by Mattia and Marco until 2005 when they decided to add Francesca and Paolo to the lineup, and this the quartet Amycanbe was born. Amycanbe has had some slight lineup changes throughout the years, but they currently consist of Francesca Amati (vocals), Mattia Mercuriali (bass, guitars, keys), Marco Trinchillo (drums, keys) and Mattia 'Matta' Dallara (keys).

Amycanbe's influences can be heard in their sound, although they tend to pay homage rather than emmulate. Nina Simone, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Portishead, Aphex Twin, and David Bowie have all shaped Amycanbe's soundscape.

White Slide shows the band's diversity with a live track, a remix and two original tracks. The title track, ‘White Slide’ reimagines the ethereal song with hard hitting bass while the wobble in the bassline ensures a groove between each bar. Francesca’s tender voice is only complemented by the intricate, yet subtle production elements that can be heard throughout. The second track, ‘5 Is The Number’, is a dark and melancholic sounding production that inspire and encourage the listener to keep on trying with whatever challenges they face.

Although only four tracks long, this release packs a punch, and is able to showcase the best elements of a band that are extremely comfortable in their skins.

EP Tracklist:
White Slide
5 Is The Number
Grano (Flow Mix by Mark Plati)
White Slide (Live)

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