Indie-dance duo, HUMANS share their brand new album, ‘Going Late’ and it’s a game-changer

Canadian indie-dance duo, HUMANS , released their album, Going Late , today via Haven Sounds . It’s a deep mixture of bass, melody and rhy...

Canadian indie-dance duo, HUMANS, released their album, Going Late, today via Haven Sounds. It’s a deep mixture of bass, melody and rhythm that is sure to get you moving as HUMANS paves the way forward. 

The pair have already shared three singles from this, their fourth full-length album, all of which were met with great acclaim, as well as two exceptional music videos for their singles ‘Going Late’ and ‘Breakfast With Liz’, the video of the latter having already won an award for Best Music Video at the Leo Awards 2018. The pair has also been dominating the live music scene, with appearances at acclaimed festivals including SXSWCoachella, The Great Escape, CMJ, Mad Decent Block Party, Beach Goth Festival as well as touring with big names Flight Facilities, RÜFÜS DU SOL, Sleepy Tom, Sweater Beats, Young Empires and many more.

The new LP was made with the help of Nik Kozub and features Grammy-winning producer Carlos De La Garza on album track ‘Still About You’ as well as So Loki for vocals on the track ‘RUN’. 

HUMANSGoing Late is the future of house music. Bringing together a multitude of genres, mixed with live instrumentation, everything about this album feels new and fresh yet familiar enough in its roots that I don’t feel alienated. The standout tracks on this album are definitely the hauntingly dark 'RUN', the ever so sexy and pelvic thrusting inducing ‘Breakfast With Liz’ and the singalong jam found in ‘Felony’. Although don’t think those are the only tracks worth checking out on Going Late, this whole EP will keep your feet busy for the whole duration.

At certain points on the album, it does feel like HUMANS are holding something back. Whether or not that’s a good thing, I will leave for you to decide, but every now and then I felt like I wanted more from them. But like I mentioned before, their minimalistic style is something to take note of and (if I have to be honest), I hope more acts follow suit. Too many artists try and produce music they think people will freak out over in the clubs, but HUMANS prove that there’s nothing wrong with taking dance music with a more laidback approach. Even though the music isn’t necessarily laidback, it does provide a certain groove that you won’t easily find at a club or a mainstream festival.

Listen to HUMANS' album, Going Late below:
If you’re a fan of anything remotely close to indie dance group, Bob Moses, you will certainly enjoy this LP. HUMANS can feel proud over this release as I know I’ll be including it on a couple of playlists of mine. The world better watch out, because HUMANS are about to take over!

On their brand new album release, HUMANS’ Peter comments, “Every track has a different story pretty much, some are 6 months old while others are 4 years old. It's like a little journey into Robbie and I's life since ‘Noontide’.”

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